Values and Principles

We put great emphasis on a long-term and confidential co-operation. This not only applies to our relationship with our clients but also with our consultants.

For only a functioning team can meet the highest expectations.

Performance through partnership – Our values

We are your long-term partners

» How do you choose your doctor – accountant – lawyer?

That’s how you should choose your partner for your SAP projects – and this is our goal:
To be your fair, competent and reliable partner. That is our company goal to which all else is subordinate.

Way too many SAP projects suffer from the competence of their consultants – We strive to be different and speak your language: Intermediary between software and process.

We deliver quality

» Best consulting quality is in our DNA.

We only employ experienced consultants that we are sure that they can handle the assigned tasks.
We do not borrow consultants on a project-basis. We appoint our consultants effectively and according to their skills.
Growth at all costs was never an option.

We are reliable – always

» Our clients can rely on us.

Our advice is always based on the best solution impartial to our own interests or political consideration.
We are certain that reliability pays off.

We rely on team work

» We are convinced that complex tasks can only be handled with a functioning team.

Whereas the client should always be part of the team. It is his project and thus should be involved from the beginning to the end no matter in what role.

When working with our clients’ staff and other consultants we are forming integrated teams that follow a joint goal and solve problems collectively.

These values have been cast into our company principles which form the entrepreneurial guidelines for all of our activities.

Company Principles

We are an owner-operated company and take our responsibility towards society and staff seriously.

We advise our customers independently and to the best of our knowledge and belief.

We collaborate with our clients, suppliers and partners and our business relationships are shaped by integrity and mutual trust.

We achieve our project and company goals via long-term experience, high professional skills, commitment and the desire for continuous improvement.