Why Blohm

Your company with all its individual requirements and its specific environment will be the focal point of your SAP project.

We utilize our long-term experience and apply it to the context of your company to offer you the best consulting service.

What you can expect from us

Project management

We set up your SAP project together with you. If your company does not have a standardized project approach, we will support you with our proven project approach.

Always the best consulting service

Due to the requirements on our consultants, excellent training opportunities and the direct link to SAP, we can always offer you the best consulting services.

Long-term thinking

We consistently think long-term IT. We ensure the maintainability and updateability in our developments, care for our customer relationships and share our knowledge.

Direct communication

We maintain an open relationship, both internally and with our customers. We are used to dealing with sensitive topics.
To err is human – Let’s talk about it.

We listen to you!

Our consultants ask the right questions and listen carefully to your answers. We identify your needs – always keeping a sense of proportion and accommodating your specific requirements.

Your objectives are high priority

You are our top client! Regardless whether your company is small or large, where you are located or how you get in touch with us:
We take you seriously and regard you as an equal partner.

Our Consultants – Your Added Value!

Our team consists of permanently employed experts. We think long-term and quality oriented. Therefore, we put high demands on our staff so that our clients always receive the best consultation possible.

Our consultants ...

How we work

Focus Areas

Our focus is in logistics, distribution and accounting with all its affected SAP components.
Supply Chain Management and Logistics Execution is a core competency of our highly experienced consultants. Many of our specialists are recognized experts in Stock Room Management in SAP S/4HANA (formerly SAP WM) and SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM).

Process-oriented Approach

The focus is on the business process and its goal. We analyze and optimize processes, develop concepts and solutions using the SAP software. We work integrative, looking at the big picture and not only single process steps.

Applying Experience

Our extensive experience distinguishes us and is appreciated by our national and international clients. Our consultants are experts in their fields and answer your questions prompt, reliable and correct. They know what works in practice and what does not.

We share our knowledge – if necessary, our consultants and their colleagues have a broad network and the direct line to SAP behind them.

How we execute projects

Project life-cycle

We support our clients during the implementation of SAP systems and components. We monitor the project starting with the planning of concept workshops via the realization up to the implementation and maintenance as well the subsequent optimization.

SAP Prototyping

In many cases our clients wish to standardize their processes company-wide.
We create prototyping systems and pre-customizing. We roll-out this template concept in all of our client’s subsidiaries under consideration of local characteristics.
We analyze local requirements within the scope of fit-gap analysis and match them to the template. That way we enhance the template or define exceptional solutions.

ABAP Development

We analyze requirements that are not covered by the SAP standard.
Our experienced solution architects and developer create concepts and realize unified customized applications using the SAP standard components.
We apply our own methods to encapsulate developments and individually enable them table-driven. Take advantage of our decade-long experience.

SAP Basis

We design, install and support your SAP systems. Our basis consultants support our clients with system architecture landscape planning (sizing, installation planning), release changes, fine tuning and during operation.