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The SAP EWM Assessment

🚀Discover your digital warehouse potential: Is SAP EWM the ideal solution for your company?

With minimal effort and a low investment, find out if you can benefit from SAP EWM. Our experienced colleagues, with years of expertise, will conduct the SAP EWM Assessment with you using our extensively tested methodology.

Our SAP EWM Assessment provides you with a comprehensive analysis and clear perspectives for the successful implementation of SAP Extended Warehouse Management. We delve into your individual business processes, identify optimization opportunities, and present tailored solution proposals. Your company not only receives a detailed analysis but also concrete recommendations to enhance operational efficiency with SAP EWM.

The results of our work are comprehensively presented in an interactive session, providing you with a clear understanding of the potentials of SAP EWM. Following this, we reflect together on the presented results, address any open questions, and evaluate the next steps. Our goal is to offer you a definitive insight into whether SAP EWM is the right warehouse management solution for you. We aim to prepare you optimally to benefit from cutting-edge warehouse management.

The Steps of Your SAP EWM Assessment


1. Pre-Briefing

Our colleagues will discuss the general framework of your company with you, outlining the scope for SAP EWM. Topics such as the number of warehouse locations, required processes, and interfacing systems will be covered, and workshops will be planned.


2. Workshops

We conduct workshops together with you, initially shedding light on the SAP EWM standard. The focus is tailored precisely to your company's needs based on the pre-briefing. Subsequently, we assess the fit-to-standard based on your processes. Ideally, the workshop takes place at your location, allowing for a warehouse tour.


3. Analysis & Preparation of Results

This is where the magic happens!

Our experts analyze your requirements precisely, creating a clear roadmap for the implementation of SAP EWM. Our focus is on determining the extent to which your needs align with the SAP EWM standard and how you can benefit from SAP EWM. The results are presented comprehensively and in an engaging manner.


4. Results presentation

We present your individual analysis results, providing tailored solution proposals. We illustrate the expected coverage of your requirements by SAP EWM and identify any functional gaps that require custom solutions within the SAP EWM standard. Of course, there will be ample opportunity for your questions!


5. De-Briefing

We provide you with the complete documentation of our SAP EWM Assessment. We take the time to discuss the findings with you again, if necessary, to ensure that you maximize the benefits from our SAP EWM Assessment.

What you can expect

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