We offer our support tailored to your needs
– from single expert sessions with your IT department up to application support during operation.

Our support offerings for you

Tailored to your requirements

Once the implementation project was completed successfully, the operating phase of your SAP systems starts. Whether SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, decentralized WM or decentralized EWM: We support you far beyond the duration of the project upon request. Our offer for support is tailored to your company’s and IT department’s specific requirements.

The same consultant who carried out the implementation will be happy to continue to support you after the project, as they already know your environment, customizing and developments.

In addition to processing trouble shooting tickets and incidents and resolving malfunctions, we are also available to answer questions about basic configuration during operation, monitoring and optimizing your processes and installing system upgrades or patches.

First-level support

If necessary, we provide first-level support of your IT landscape. Upon request simple problems are solved reliably, quickly and effectively by our German consultants or our nearshore co-operation partners – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Second-level support and third-level support

In second or third-level support we solve troubleshooting tickets and incidents that were not solved in first-level support.

Here we count on our own consultants who know your environment well and are able to act fast and proficient.

Experts on demand

Sometimes you encounter recurring problems that cannot be solved effectively without long-term expertise and expert knowledge. Often, performance problems or recurring interface errors in the system integration are involved.

We arrange expert sessions with you to start a root-cause analysis of your problem and develop an effective solution. Trust in our expert knowledge!

This is how we support trouble-free operation of your SAP systems:

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