Monitoring Suite for SAP EWM

Our solution for performance figures and dashboards in SAP EWM

Beautiful, compelling warehouse dashboards in SAP EWM

The management asks for the latest through-put times, ability to meet schedule requirements or current picking performance in your warehouse driven by SAP EWM?

Immediately, key users lunge to start exporting data, connect the warehouse tasks in Excel or Access. Through-put times are calculated by creation and confirmation time stamp. Finally, the whole data slurry is blended up to performance indicators, bar charts, graphs, visualized in simple charts and inserted in Powerpoint.

We have seen this process over and over in our SAP EWM projects, and we really thought it through.
The result is our Monitoring Suite for SAP EWM, the solution for SAP EWM-based key performance indicators and dashboards.

With our Monitoring Suite for SAP EWM, you can

... without any development!

With our solution, you get an overview of your warehouse processes in the blink of an eye and you spend less time collecting and preparing data.

All performance indiactors at a glance

Do you know the measurement services in SAP Extended Warehouse Management?

In our numerous projects with SAP EWM, we have repeatedly made the experience that our clients crave for a simple, beautiful overview of their key performance indicators and the intralogistics performance overall.

However, the problem with measurement services and Easy Graphics Framework in SAP EWM often is that they do not meet the requirements of our clients.

Therefore, we decided to develop the Monitoring Suite for SAP EWM .

With our solution for you performance figures, KPIs and dashboards, you design your own graphical overview, performance indicators and whole dashboards - easy, quick and flexible with our wizard.

And the best part is: After installation, no development effort is necessary! We simply use the data of the warehouse management monitor. You just design the charts and dashboards from a simple and easily accessible web interface based on SAPUI5.

In just an instance, you are all set up! You deploy our Monitoring Suite for SAP EWM directly on top of your EWM installation, the business department creates their own reporting in SAP EWM, their KPIs and charts, and casts them together to beautiful, individual dashboards.

Do you have questions regarding our Monitoring Suite for SAP EWM?

How long does it take to set up the Monitoring Suite?

The installation itself of our Monitoring Suite for SAP EWM takes some minutes to a few hours.

In our experience, the business department then requires a couple of days to set up the KPIs and dashboards. If you need support, our experienced EWM consultants are ready to help you!

How does the installation process of the Monitoring Suite work?

We deliver the transport requests required to install Monitoring Suite for SAP EWM as well as your personal license key for your EWM installation. You import the transport requests into your system. We use your own namespace, so that there won't be any naming conflicts with your existing customer-specific developments.

Afterwards, you run our installation wizard, enter your license key and activate the web services that required to run our Monitoring Suite.

Do I get support during installation and configuration?

Yes, of course! If you like, you can get a consulting package together with the Monitoring Suite for SAP EWM. If you are interested, just let us know!

What's the licensing model of the Monitoring Suite?

The license cost is calculated as follows:

You pay a fixed one-time amount for provisioning and installation of our Monitoring Suite for SAP EWM. Optional at extra cost, we offer you a package of 3 consulting days as configuration support.

For further innovations, maintenance and support, we bill an additional yearly license cost at 12 % of the one-time payment.

What's the difference between the Monitoring Suite and other reporting solutions for SAP EWM?

With our Monitoring Suite for SAP EWM, you receive a powerful, super beautiful key performance indicator suite that runs directly on your SAP EWM installation. Therefore, no internet connection is necessary. Additionally, no development skills such as ABAP or Javascript are required, because our dashboards and KPIs are entirely configureable in our wizard. The data selection relies on all existing nodes in the warehouse management monitor, including customer-specific ones.

In which namespace is the solution installed?

We use our own namespace, registered with SAP SE.

Can I test drive the Monitoring Suite for SAP EWM before I buy?

Yes, of course! You can receive a 30-days test license from us, free of charge.

After the 30 days, you can decide if you'd like to continue using the Monitoring Suite for SAP EWM.

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