Blohm AccountControl

The system for IT Accounting and Resource Information

Blohm AccountControl monitors permanently the system workload, created by users, user groups (accounts) and applications, stores the results and offers many reports to follow up.

Blohm AccountControl distributes in a flexible manner the IT cost to accounts / users.

Blohm AccountControl shows you where it is worth to tune, which ABAP is most expensive and where adjustments could help to enhance system performance.

  • How it works
    Blohm AccountControl is suitable for individual installations, multiple installations and service data centers.
    In individual installations Blohm AccountControl measures the activities in a single SAP system, reports and calculates them.
    In multiple installations Blohm AccountControl is installed in a core system and agent systems.
    The agents report to the core system where the data is collected and evaluated. (Example: R/3 and BW system).
    In service data centers Blohm AccountControl is installed in a complex system landscape in all SAP systems. Blohm AccountControl collects the data in all systems and clients for each customer of the service providers separately. Every customer has their own reporting rules and calculation methods.
  • Data collection
    Blohm AccountControl collects all data during SAP operation that are relevant for a resource survey and calculation. This is used for


    • CPU usage
    • I/O properties (read, write, modify, delete)
    • Response times
    • Spool output
      per system, user, user group and transaction / program.
  • Cost distribution per customer and accounts / users
    Blohm AccountControl offers flexible processes to calculate and distribute costs that can be set up by customer and system separately.


    • Distribution of total cost (per customer) proportionate to CPU load and/or disk access where individual systems / client and modes may be evaluated differently.
    • Calculation of cost per account via fixed prices per cost element (e.g. CPU unit and/or disk access)
    • Both methods are combinable
  • Calculation / Invoicing
    Blohm AccountControl offers flexible reporting tools for the calculation and cost tracking which are easily expandable by the customer himself without programming.
    Receipts are generated for invoicing and an invoice printing function for individual forms is available.
    CO interface allows the integration in the SAP accounting.
  • Information system
    Blohm AccountControl is equipped with an extensive reporting systemthat answers all questions regarding SAP usage across the board.


    • Which users consume a lot of resources?
    • Which programs use particularly many resources?
    • When / Whose response times where especially bad?
    • How much grew my CPU usage in system xxx in the last months?
    • What were the run times of a specific batch run in the last months?
    • How often is which transaction/program used?
    • Who is using which program how often?
    • Which z-programs (own ABAPs) are no longer used? (important for each release change)
    • Which z-programs are extremely complex and need to undergo a tuning?

Blohm AccountControl is available for all R/3 platforms.

Blohm AccountControl is available in English and German.

We offer a 30-day test installation free of charge! Installation in under 1 hour.