Application Development

Often customer-specific development may be avoided.

However, there are always requirements and processes that are not covered by the SAP standard.

Customer-specific application development

If the standard just isn’t enough

SAP Software is a standard software. The greatest strength of standard software is its technical uniformity at the same time offering a gigantic range of functions that may be adapted to the requirements of your company via the so-called customizing. The adaption and maintenance of these standard functions is SAP’s responsibility.

Most business processes and legal requirements can be mapped with standard functions in SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA and SAP EWM.

However, there are always requirements that are just not covered by the standard and need to be fulfilled with customer-specific add-ons. This is explicitly supported by SAP software’s enhancement concept.

Every company is unique and no company ticks 100 % like the standard!

This does not necessarily mean that your requirements have to be realized with a customer-specific development.

Our experienced experts guide you through a fit-gap analysis to identify those requirements that are not covered by the SAP standard and suggest solutions. Whereas the modification is always the last resort - using enhancement points provided by SAP, such as Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) or user exits, but also so-called implicit enhancements are the favorable approach.

This is how our developers can support you:

Out-of-the-box software solutions

Quickly installed for instant usage

Repeatedly we come across tasks where the solution is not solely needed for a single project. Out of this we developed products that are sold and supported worldwide by Blohm Software.

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