Work at Blohm Consulting

We as an employer

You are interested in one of our job vacancies and would like to know what to expect?

You start off as an expert in an SAP solution that matches your personal interests and prior experience. Our established team of experienced consultants supports you on your way.

We embrace self-responsible working with great creative freedom - with us, you will outgrow yourself.

What to expect from us

Creative freedom

When working with us, you take responsibility for your work. Depending on the project phase, you do the prototyping, design, configuration, training, test support, go-live support or daily support.

A strong team

We believe that only a functioning team can be successful. Our team consists of champions in their fields. We help each other in daily business and enjoy our team events together.


True performance is possible only with sufficient rest phases and a balanced work-life ratio. We offer a 38h week and flexible work hour options by default.

Open communication

We maintain an open work environment, internally as well as with our customers. We always have an open ear for problems that may occur.
To err is human – Let’s talk about it.

Option to work from home

We are used to remote work and the option to work from home. Depending on the current project phase, you have the freedom to work remotely.

Fair salary model

We offer a transparent and very fair salary model which considers overtime hours appropriately.

Resilient work environment

We have 35 years of market experience and therefore, we know which approach works and which doesn't. Being an owner-managed family company, we offer a stable work environment.

Trainings & Know-how transfer

We exchange experiences internally and offer continued trainings tailored to your needs. This is how we ensure to stay fit for the future.

Widened focus

Our main focus lies on the design and implementation of an integrated solution. We rely on integration instead of silos. Therefore, many of our consultants are proficient in more than one SAP module.

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