Blohm FileControl

The File Management System for sequential files

Feature description Blohm FileControl

With Blohm FileControl you are able to manage all files which are created or processed by R/3 applications within the operating file system. This offers data and processing security. SAP has reserved an official naming convention for FileControl, so that no conflicts with SAP developments or customer developments are possible.

Blohm FileControl integrates well with Blohm BatchControl.

  • Generation Management
    Blohm FileControl is a file management system, which can manage several generations of sequential files directly from SAP.
    An automatic catalogue management “knows” if a file has been processed and is available for deletion, depending of the number of active generations.
  • Security
    Blohm FileControl ensures that R/3 files cannot be overwritten by a new program processing. It enables restart and automatic input/output source file determination.
  • Automatic File Exchange
    Blohm FileControl automates your interfaces to and from other systems.
    Utilities for automatic file transfer (FTP) and remote job entry (to and from mainframe) are included as ABAPs, therefore under full control of SAP R/3.
    Monitoring features like sentence and character counting protect your RJE operation. No need to leave the SAP system for control and maintenance of data exchange any more. No UNIX scripts or C programs are necessary.
    Blohm FileControl integrates well with Blohm BatchControl because batch jobs can be started automatically when the interface file is delivered from another system.
  • Tools for SAP Transports, Editor for Files in the Operating System and much more
    Blohm FileControl delivers some other useful tools, such as an SAP Editor for UNIX/NT files, an UNIT/NT command processor and automatic transport of SAP development or customizing orders, all without leaving the SAP interface.

Blohm FileControl is available for all R/3 platforms.

Blohm FileControl is available in English and German.

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