Blohm BatchControl

The scheduling system for your R/3 batch jobs

Feature description Blohm BatchControl

Blohm BatchControl enhances the R/3 job control by SAP and automates the processes in your data center professionally. SAP has reserved an official naming convention for BatchControl, so that no conflicts with SAP developments or customer developments are possible.

With Blohm BatchControl you maintain and schedule jobs and job nets directly with your standard SAP interface:

  • Jobs and job nets
  • Job scheduling using workdays and calendar days
    – several calendars
    – different shifts
  • Job dependencies from
    – other jobs or nets
    – existence of files (i.e. delivery from other systems)
    – milestones (manual or created by jobs) i.e. monthend closing
    – all dependencies can be defined across all system borders
  • Concatenation of different job chains between SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Notification in case of job error or success
    – by express mail
    – by system log entry
    – by alarm function in foreign systems (open interface)
  • Automatic processing of batch input sessions
    … and waiting for their completion
  • Start of external programs and procedures

Blohm BatchControl is available for all R/3 platforms.

Blohm BatchControl is available in English and German.
We offer a 30 day test installation free of charge!
Installation in less than 1 hour.