SAP Strategies and architectures

We provide management with expert advice when choosing a suitable strategy for the use of the SAP software.

We point out possibilities, analyze potential results and support the decision-making process

SAP Projects

We support our customers during the implementation of SAP based systems and components. Our main areas are logistics, supply chain and accounting but also comprehensive components like SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence.

Business Process Analysis

We analyze your business processes, identify process impediments and prepare Fit-Gap analysis.
We provide optimization proposals and execute these upon request.

Business Blueprints

We create concepts that are practicable.
We work process-oriented and with a practical orientation.
The SAP system is our tool as an ideal supporter of the business process.
The goal is the optimized process with its process environment employing all SAP components and adjacent integrated systems as needed.


We execute the realization, choose the SAP components and their use.
Customizing, selection and setup of all tools, reports, functions and the adaptation of existing tools and creation of own functions and programs result in an ultimate solution. At the same time we also supply finished solutions out-of-the-box.

Test Planning and Test Execution

We support the business during the development of test concepts.
Upon request we manage the test execution and document the results.
Weakness will be documented, tracked and corrected.

Training and Go-Live

Appropriate user instruction and training is key to the success of a project. Therefore precise planning and ideal execution are essential.

We tend to the project during and after the implementation and track the results with established, optimized methods resulting from our years of experience.

SAP Operation and Support

We also support our customers with small and large adaptations of processes and development during running operations.

No matter whether it is on-demand or with a continuous support contract – we create and support SAP solutions.