Blohm Software

While working on SAP projects our consultants are confronted with tasks where the solution is not project bound.

This resulted in products that Blohm Software GmbH is distributing and maintaining worldwide.

More than 100 installations worldwide!

Blohm BatchControl

– the Job Scheduling System, integrated into the SAP system.
Professional job management, job networks, notification of job termination, and many more features.

Blohm FileControl

– the File Management System.
Management of sequential database with generations, automatic activation.
Automated controlled data exchange with other systems.
Ideal in combination with BatchControl – job start with file delivery.

Blohm AccountControl

– the Accounting System of the SAP system performance.
Evaluation of disk access, CPU time and other resources.
Allocation of the system load to customers, departments, cost centers.
Monitoring and statistic of the “resource hogs”.
Statistic of long running transactions, program performance and user.