How do you choose your doctor – accountant – lawyer?

That is exactly how you should choose your partner for your SAP projects – and this is our goal: To become your responsible, competent, fair and reliable partner – that is our company goal that everything else has to comply with.

Too many SAP projects suffer from the competence of their consultants – We want to be different and speak your language: the intermediary between software and process.


We set great value on the quality of our consulting work. We solely employ experienced consultants who we are sure to be well-versed in all tasks assigned.
We do not employ any beginners and we do not borrow any consultants for individual projects. Our consultants are being carefully assigned for each project based on their competences and specific know-how.
Growth at all cost has never been an option.


Our customers can rely on us.
We always advise them on what is the best solution for them, regardless of our own interests or political consideration.
We are certain that reliability pays off.


We are certain that complex tasks can only be solved by a well functioning team.
Our customer should be an integral part of this team, it is his project and he should be involved in it from day one, no matter how.
In cooperation with our customer’s staff and other consultants, integrated teams are formed that pursue the same goals and search jointly for solutions.


» These values have been cast into our business principles that are building the guidelines for all our entrepreneurial activities.